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Cognifyz Technologies leads the tech sector, delivering refined software solutions with advanced AI, ML, and data analytics tools. Our AI chatbot platform redefines customer support, seamlessly integrating across websites, social media, and messaging apps. Pioneering ML-based solutions enable real-time decision-making for predictive analytics, fraud detection, and recommendations.

Furthermore, our comprehensive suite extends to web solutions, digital marketing, and app development. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and innovation, Cognifyz Technologies ensures clients confidently navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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Cognifyz Technologies provides advanced AI, ML, and data analytics solutions, along with web services and app development, empowering your business for success.

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Students success stories

Dear Cognifyz Team, Thank you for the opportunity to share my internship experience. During my time at Cognifyz, I worked on impactful projects that challenged and expanded my skills. The supportive environment fostered my professional growth. I'm honored to contribute to the success of Cognifyz and look forward to seeing my testimonial on the website.

Sadhanaa S R

Embarked on a transformative data science internship at Cognifyz, navigating through three levels of mastery. From handling missing values and geospatial analysis at Level 1 to crafting strategic insights in restaurant services at Level 2. The pinnacle in Level 3 featured regression skills and decoding culinary success in Customer Preference Analysis. Cognifyz is more than a workplace; it's where data dreams take flight. Grateful for the journey, I now invite others to script their unique data narratives at Cognifyz. Apply now to join the legacy! #DataScience #CognifyzJourney

Sadhanaa Rameshkumar

Data Science intern
Hello Everyone! 🌟 I'm Thirumala Sai Harsha, a final year B.Tech student majoring in CSE - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from Andhra Pradesh. As a tech enthusiast, I embarked on a rewarding one-month Data Science Internship with Cognifyz Technologies. The structured tasks and insightful HR interview helped me discover more about myself. Grateful for this invaluable experience with Cognifyz! ❤️ #DataScience #CognifyzInternship

Thirumala Sai Harsha

B.Tech student
Delighted to announce the successful completion of my internship journey at Cognifyz Technologies! Immersed in the dynamic world of tech. Gratitude to the incredible team at Cognifyz Technologies for fostering an environment of growth and innovation. This experience has been a pivotal stepping stone in my professional development, and I'm excited to leverage the knowledge gained as I embark on new challenges. A special thanks for their guidance and support throughout. Here's to the next chapter in my career journey! #CognifyzTechnologies #InternshipComplete #TechInnovation #careermilestone

Phani Bhushan Marikanti

Attended Vardhaman
Excited to wrap up my Data Science Internship at Cognifyz Technologies!, Where I enhanced my skills in data exploration, Preprocessing, Geospatial Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Feature Engineering, Predictive Modeling & Data Visualization and many more! Greatful for the opportunity to contribute in meaningful Projects and for the wealth of knowledge gain during the Internship. Excited to apply these skills and experiences in my future... Cognifyz Technologies #cognifyz #cognifyztech #cognifyztechnologies

Pratish Kumar Sahoo

Data Science Enthusiast
Thrilled to share my experience as a Power BI Intern at Cognifyz Technologies! During my internship, I had the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge Investment Analysis Dashboard using Power BI. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics, enabling insightful decision-making for investment strategies.

Padmabhushan Dhoke

Immediate Joiner

Setting Sail on a Quest, Where Every Chapter Resounds with the Echo of Innovation


Inaugurated Cognifyz's Horizon

Ushering in an era where challenges are embraced, denouncing the ordinary to craft a narrative that blends innovation seamlessly.


Cognifyz Incorporated

Officially entering the tech arena, denouncing stagnation, and embracing the pulse of progress as Cognifyz Technologies was officially registered.


Branching Out

Breaking barriers, unveiling a new chapter, denouncing limits, and praising the expansion of possibilities with the launch of a new branch.


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Awards adorn our journey, denouncing mediocrity, praising the pursuit of excellence in every accolade earned by Cognifyz Technologies.